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Essential oils Travel Kit/ A reference guide
November 15, 2016
Rosemary and cortisol
November 21, 2016

There are some amazing blends from YL that have many different oils in them. I wanted to break the oils down for you and tell you a bit about them. Thieves blend as you all know is my favorite! It has Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon bark, Eucalyptus radiata and Rosemary.
Clove comes from Madagascar and the Spice Islands. It’s amazing properties are a surefire way to stay well this winter!
Lemon is cold pressed from the rind of the lemons (requires 3000 lemons to produce a kilo of oil) Because of it’s powerful properties it has been known to assist for stress, relaxation, it affects Digestive, Immune and Respiratory systems
Cinnamon Bark is from the bark India, Madagascar,Sri Lanka. It has warming and arousal properties, it enhances the properties of other oils. A profound oil with many healing properties.
Eucalyptus Radiata comes from Austalia affecting the Respiratory system.
Rosemary cineal is a flowering plant from France, Tunisia and the USA. It is another viable oil for winter wellness! It was considered sacred by many civilizations.

Immupower contains Hyssop, Mountain Savory, Cistus, Ravensara, Frankincense, Oregano, Clove, Cumin and Idaho Tansy.
Hyssop comes from France and Hungary. Properties are beneficial for everything from digestion to fatigue.
Cistus comes from France and Spain. Affects the Immune system (Not for children under 6)
Ravensara comes from Madagascar used for the Immune and respiratory systems it is another universal oil like Lavender. Is part of the Laurel family. A cross between nutmeg and clove in properties.
Frankincense is rare and considered holy. There are 52 references to it in the bible. Affects Emotional balance, Immune, nervous systems and skin.
Oregano from Morocco and France. Muscle, bones, Immune and Respiratory. Studied extensivly (not for children under 6)
Idaho Tansy the daisy family from Idaho, Washington. Made from the leaves. Affects the Immune system and is used to uplift the feelings and increase well being.
Exodus11 contains Cassia, Myrrh, Cinnamon Bark, Calamus, Hyssop, Galbanum, Frankincense and Spikenard
Casia comes from the Laurel family and from China Best NOT used individually as it is extremely sensitizing to dermal tissue. Not for children under 6. In VERY small quantities it is powerful in supporting other oils.
Galbanum is from the parsley family and is sourced from Turkey and Iran. It was used historically with Frankincense as a holy incense. It has a low frequency on it’s own but when combined with other oils (as it is in becomes so much more. Strongest physical properties is for the Immune system.
Spikenard Is from a flower, harvested in India it is from the botanical family Valerianceae “false Indian valerian root.” A relaxing skin and emotionally balancing oil. Several of these oils come from the 30th Chapter of Exodus in the bible
Raven has oils from Madagascar,USA,Canada,North America and Australia. One of the most potent of oils for restoring to wellness and for skin issues.
RC the oils come from Morroco, Tunisia, Australia,North America,Austria, Canada and Russia.
RC and Raven work well together with one applied to the feet (Raven) and one to the throat and chest (RC) Diffusion in the home it is very affecting of the respiratory system and sinus’s.

All of these oils selected are for Winter Wellness. A program of diffusing and application on the feet helps your family to stay well!!winter-wellness-tea-blank

As a 2 time cancer survivor and pesticide poisoning victim Lynn has fought for the victims of this toxic, chemical world. Babies, bees and birds. She is passionate about helping those who want another way to live. We all deserve to breathe fresh air and drink clean water. It starts with us

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