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As a retired, holistic ND I became ill and had to journey deeper to find a way to recover my health and help support my family. I remembered an essential oil called Thieves, that had been used in my clinic and in my own life for over 15 years which had brought profound changes in my life and the lives of many clients. I also missed working with others to bring the knowledge and expertise I had acquired over my 20 years in the health care field. Why not share this amazing product? I started studying the company Young Living and found I couldn’t get enough information on all the incredible things essential oils can do! The excitement grew and within days of joining the company my business began to grow.

I am so incredibly happy to help others discover these oils and their health and wellness benefits and watch others grow businesses and find freedom in their own lives! I would be honored to help you find freedom in your life and to help educate you on essential oils.

I have studied and used many other essential oils from other companies but Young Living is very different. D.Gary Young understood essential oils and their therapeutic values as none other has. Grown seed to seal by Young Living farms around the world these incredible oils have provided superior products and opportunities for people like me and you to work from home and change our lives.

Once you join Young Living and get your Premium starter kit, I will follow-up with you and begin to share with you how to use the oils and to share the oils on-line.

I am looking for people who are willing to invest $160 in the Premium starter kit, are willing to learn and share essential oils by using them yourself (they will change your life!), are motivated, caring, and want to change the lives of those around them in this amazing internet world for the better!

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