Healing Properties of Thistles

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December 20, 2017
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Healing Properties of Thistles

Healing properties of plants that are all around you connect you to the creator of all things GOD. I am going to share a few of these amazing properties in common plants that we call weeds. We spray them with chemicals which has created a toxic world of soil and water tables and very human tragedies in the aftermath. Yet still we have weeds.

Might I suggest that by getting to know them, you will actually grow to love them and become protective of them as God placed them here for a purpose. Before modern medicine we found our help from the things that grew on the earth. As we explore this beautiful earth and it’s gifts, let us be mindful that prior to our chemical introduction in WWI plants were used and pulled and raked and tended to. NO plant was considered a weed in EDEN. The plants we have called invasive such as thistle, carry healing in their essence. 

                      ” Healing properties of Thistles”

Thistle extract is often used to detoxify and heal a damaged liver.

Without Thistles, Monarch butterflies would starve to death.

Drinking the tea can be soothing after trauma of great stress and is good for the digestion.

Thistle down makes a beautiful paper product

They feed and nourish finches and bees

My hope is that by viewing Thistles and understanding them (for instance they have a smooth place below the blossom where you can hold them without pain and harvest them) we can begin to view them with the respect they deserve and the purple blossoms are beautiful to behold.

Ready to learn more? Follow the Blog and the next lesson will be on the beautiful yellow flower we call a weed. Can you guess what it is?

Till next time

Try to not just look, but really take a moment to see.

As a 2 time cancer survivor and pesticide poisoning victim Lynn has fought for the victims of this toxic, chemical world. Babies, bees and birds. She is passionate about helping those who want another way to live. We all deserve to breathe fresh air and drink clean water. It starts with us

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