Having trouble moving on? It’s about Forgiveness

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March 23, 2017
Gardening without chemicals
April 4, 2017

We are living in a world that is hurting. Our ability to live together in the biblical sense and also in the worldly sense is becoming more difficult. The world is becoming more divided in their ideal and ideas. People are being pushed out of their comfort zones and in the emotional realm many are feeling bullied.  Life is not fair for most people.

Have you ever felt like there was an event or a person that you have never been able to get past? You avoid that person at all cost, you feel tense when they are mentioned. If someone asks you about them your first response is one of bitterness and anger. May I just say your emotions of unforgiveness and bitterness is NOT hurting the other person it’s hurting you!  May I suggest that in addition to prayer, writing out your feelings and shredding them, tapping about the person or episode (See my blog on tapping for more information) I would include the essential oil Forgiveness in my journey to emotional peace and returning joy. This blend has been studied and proven to help many people move past the pain and into freedom! The oil is a beautiful balance of single oils that when combined assist the body in release. The oils are Melissa, Geranium, Frankincense, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Angelica, Lavender, Lemon, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, Ylang, Ylang, Palmarosa, Helichrysum and Rose.

Best applied by massaging clockwise over the navel and the heart and also placed behind the ears and on the wrists.

So next time you feel that unbearable strain of hurt and resentment reach for Forgiveness and use it daily. If your like many of us the symptoms get lighter and lighter until one day you notice the freedom and joy has returned. It’s a beautiful beginning to be able to move into love again, without the walls and barriers that have held you back!

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As a 2 time cancer survivor and pesticide poisoning victim Lynn has fought for the victims of this toxic, chemical world. Babies, bees and birds. She is passionate about helping those who want another way to live. We all deserve to breathe fresh air and drink clean water. It starts with us


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