Day 6 of the Anti-aging journey “Sleeping “

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February 4, 2018
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February 13, 2018

Anti aging research has often times linked a lack of sleep to accelerated aging and sometimes premature death.  The stages of sleep should be experienced every night by every one in order to live a vibrant, youthful, healthy life. Drowsiness, followed by light sleep and then deeper into slumber until finally REM sleep (which is where dreaming occurs)  I admit that since menopause I have struggled with sleep. It has been over ten years since I have slept through a night. That takes it’s toll believe me. So part of this journey is to find a better way to sleep.

First of all I have two different mattresses to try. I alternate between a softer mattress (arms fall asleep) and a very hard massage table sleeping mattress which is….hard. I am feeling a bit like Goldilocks and trying all the beds. (I will keep you posted as I go along) But so far the hard bed is working better!!! ???? What?

Secondly when I eat later (after 5) I am more restless. The night is designed for sleeping and restoration NOT DIGESTING. So try to eat early if your able…makes a big difference.

Third, turn off computers and tablets and smart phones at least an hour before bed. Don’t have them on in your bedroom. Those EMF’s can really alter your body chemistry. Try to keep them away from your brain (ears) as often as you can. Studies are showing some disturbing evidence of increased dis-ease with all of the electricity.

Fourth take a hot shower or a warm bath. Inhale some lavender oil and rub some magnesium oil and lavender oil on the bottom of your feet, behind your ears and the back of your neck.

Fifth do some deep breathing or meditation or read the bible or write in your journal. Make a gratitude list and write out any worries. Pray about them and close your eyes.

Finally experiment with napping and sleeping with your animals. I for one am not a napper unless I am really sick. I am too excited to be awake to take a siesta (I wish I could) but many of my more youthful friends nap and they look great so. I have found my sweet dogs (who I adore) have all kinds of sleep issues too. Lily is a snoring, shaking, get up and turn around gal which is disturbing the rest of anyone in the room with her.  Kissy is tiny but she is a complete bed hog. So I don’t always let them sleep with me. (Sometimes even my hubby sleeps in the guest room) I just sleep better alone.

There are sleep aids such as melatonin (Take 1 mg) or Magnesium 250 mg, Calmes Forte and Gaba calm also help. Valerian root (it’s what Valium is derived from) helps some people and not others. St Johns Wort and Essential oils such as Peace and Calming, Tranquil, Ruta VaLa. Roman Chamomile, Stress away and Trauma life. Jasmine works for some people. Experiment…diffuse in the bedroom and put on the bottoms of your feet and behind your ears. Shaklee has a gentle sleep complex with Passion flower, German Chamomile and Valerian.

So it’s about that time. I wish you sweet dreams. Let me know if these suggestions helped you too!

As a 2 time cancer survivor and pesticide poisoning victim Lynn has fought for the victims of this toxic, chemical world. Babies, bees and birds. She is passionate about helping those who want another way to live. We all deserve to breathe fresh air and drink clean water. It starts with us

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