Learning about chemicals

August 15, 2017

Green Cleaning

There are 10 basics to know for green cleaning. “Green” is a buzz word in the industry and doesn’t really mean much unless these things are in place. They must be plant based Chlorine free (NO BLEACH) Ammonia free No perfume, synthetic fragrances or dyes Phosphate free Solvent free Biodegradable […]
May 20, 2016

Everyone deserves a future

With the average day of 250 toxic chemicals found in the umbilical chords of newborns the cards are stacked against this next generation to have a good, healthy life. There is only one thing a pregnant mother can do. AVOID chemicals as much as possible! Everyone deserves a future and […]
April 28, 2016

Are essential oils insect repellents as good as Deet?

   Are essential oils insect repellents as good as Deet? The scare is that; mosquitos will cause you to get some horrible disease and die, or your baby will be born deformed if you are bitten while pregnant, so use DEET and we (meaning the chemical companies and the government […]