Brain lessons from Dr Lynn Part One

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May 20, 2016
Your stomach and your brain
August 5, 2016
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Brain lessons from Dr Lynn Part One


In a world gone mad it’s difficult to stay calm and relaxed. One of the greatest problems associated with our stress filled and chemically driven world is our brain and the neurotransmitters that message the brain to function properly. It’s a beautiful dance when the Neurotransmitters message the nerve cells to communicate and control almost every function in the body. This is the way the brain talks. The nerve cell releases different neurotransmitters, which then go on to find a receptor to basically “dance” with. The dance becomes the health of the systems it controls. Once the partners in the dance have communicated they can be recycled or they break down and are destroyed. One of the ways to create a dance of joy is to think a positive thought. It carries a joy filled stamp into the cells. More on this later.


As a 2 time cancer survivor and pesticide poisoning victim Lynn has fought for the victims of this toxic, chemical world. Babies, bees and birds. She is passionate about helping those who want another way to live. We all deserve to breathe fresh air and drink clean water. It starts with us

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