Animals 101 Part One

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June 9, 2017
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August 9, 2017

Animals in our house are just like family. They are much like children to us. That is why in our house we use essential oils with them (like we do with us!) Essential oils completely healed our diva girl Kissy Boo from an earwig. She had been tormented by the aftermath of one that we had removed from her ear. One drop of Thieves in her ear and she never scratched or whimpered again! We rub Digize on sensitive tummies and they recover. It truly is miraculous! It is a releif to know that essential oils can be safely used with our beloved animals. With some cautious rules I am presenting to you ways to help. Remember cats are the most sensitive to the oils, dogs (with their heightened sense of smell need to be acclimated if at all possible) Horses respond beautifully to the oils. Animals should be acclimated to the oils in a NON emergency setting at first. Don’t put the oils up to their nose or on their paws. Diffuse oils around them at first. If they have an aversion to that oil move on to others. There are many oils to try.
Always dilute with a carrier oil when applying oils to their body. Avoid Oregano, Thyme and any HIGH Phenol oil. Cats typically have an aversion to citrus oils. (I wouldn’t use them) Keep oils away from eyes. Dilute 80-90% with a carrier oil. 1 drop essential oil with 4-5 drops of carrier oil. Start there and work up if they tolerate it. Large animals (horses, larger dogs) can handle 10 drops full strength. (no dilution is typically necessary) Some oils can be safely given internally by mixing in food or for larger animals directly into their mouth. (Pull out the bottom lip) Once the animals are used to the oils you can put them on their paws (If they can be safely taken internally)on the spine and the flanks and in the case of Kiss with her earwig, we put a drop in the ear undiluted.

Here are some uses for some of the oils.

For burns 1 drop in an carrier like aloe vera and dab gently on the area.
For infections make a spray with aloe and water and a carrier oil (I like almond or grapeseed) add 4 drops of the Thieves and spray onto the area. (Repeat as necessary)
For seizures put the oil on your hands and rub down the spine, neck and drop one drop on the top of their head.
For trauma (hit by a car) 4 drops onto the spine, neck and head
Anxiety, car sickness, aftermath of an emotional encounter with another animal much like humans this works to settle down the limbic system. 4-6 drops onto the neck, diffused and sprayed in the area.* I use another homeopathic with them called Rescue Remedy which can be found at most health food stores
Used for Colic in horses 10-15 drops rubbed over the stomach. every 15 minutes as needed.
For vomiting, 4 drops rubbed on their spines and one drop of the vitality line can be taken internally
Insect bites, coughing, lacerations 1-2 drops dabbed onto the area or diffused around the animals bed
Life threatening injuries and hemorrhaging 1-3 drops under the tongue
Wounds/lacerations 1-4 drops directly to the affected area
Respiratory Infections and Breathing problems
1-4 drops on your palms and pet the spine, neck and chest. Diffuse around the area they are resting
Vomiting/ Heat Stroke
Put on the stomach 2-4 drops
For infections/ Ear Mites/ Inflammation/ Ticks Make a spray and spray over the areas affected
Peace and Calming
Anxiety, car sickness, calming needs
1-6 drops on your hand and pet the animal (every 15 minutes)
Seizures, sudden collapse, hit by a car
1-4 drops on your palm or over their spine, neck and chest
(Combine with Rescue rememdy)
Chronic pain/ arthritis
Squirt 1/4-1 squirt onto your hand and gently pet the area (avoid open sores)
Young Living has a full line of animal Scents that is made specifically for both large and small animals
See part Two or for more information come to

As a 2 time cancer survivor and pesticide poisoning victim Lynn has fought for the victims of this toxic, chemical world. Babies, bees and birds. She is passionate about helping those who want another way to live. We all deserve to breathe fresh air and drink clean water. It starts with us

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