1073136_492422054179898_1269148469_o   Hello! Thank you so much in your interest in my passion and the earths great need.

Organic living is a beautiful lifestyle and option for a toxic world. We often don’t understand how our chemical living is hurting us until our loved one gets sick or we hear about the bees dying or the staggering numbers of people with cancer. It’s really sad and scary but there is an option!

I was born and raised in Colorado. It’s a beautiful place with majestic mountains and friendly people. I have moved away at times in my life, to college and to Arizona and California to be with family, but I always came home. I live on a mountain side with my husband and our fur baby. I also do fund raising for a Foundation I started in 2004 for Orphans in Africa. To date we are working on our 18th water well. It’s another passion of mine. Beautiful babies with clean, fresh water and hope.

As a young woman I was riding my bike in a city park in Denver and coming over the crest of a hill sat a large spray truck. The workers were in protective gear (gas masks, white coveralls, gloves) spraying the tree’s in the park with what I later found out was a pesticide. The plume of liquids came down on me, an unsuspecting young woman in shorts and a tank top. The poisons doused me and covered me in the toxic chemical. That moment in time determined my destiny. I went from a healthy young woman to a deathly ill young woman in an isolation unit in a hospital. I lived there for almost a year. In a state of distress so deeply felt I begged to die. There is no way to spin that sort of suffering into anything but the truth. My immune system has never recovered. I was sent home to die at the age of 22. I have found in my desperate search to live many answers. The first being that we must avoid toxic chemicals at all cost! The second being that life is precious and we must live fully alive.  My passion, my heart is to help the hurting. I eventually went to school and became a holistic Dr. I had an office and worked as a Naturopath. I testified before Congress to have a warning flag placed after pesticides and herbicides have been applied. So at least we can avoid the area. It wasn’t enough but it was a start. I am passionate about children, birds and bees being protected. Also for the water to be protected. It became the driving force of my life. While I struggled to survive the impact of poisons on my own health.  I have survived cancer twice. I did it without chemo/radiation/cutting. I did it through alternative medicine and living organically and eating an organic diet. I did it through faith and the love of God in my life.

I believe strongly that for every down side there is an upside. I have lived with all of my health challenges for 40 years. I have done it through organic living. It is possible. I am living proof! I can help you find a healthier life! I can help you find an organic lifestyle. We can’t change the whole world but we can change our world! We can have a beautiful, clean, organic life for our children and we can share our new found ways with others. In doing so we can support our family and our community. Organic was just a word when I was a young woman trying to find her way back. Today it is a multi-billion dollar industry. You can become healthier and you can help others become healthier too. That’s my desire for you.

If I can help you in any way please contact me. It is my heart to help.

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Organic living wake up and be grateful

Organic living
wake up and be grateful

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